Chelsea sale: Chicago Cubs owners and Citadel billionaire


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The most recent bid has been was described as “the most complete bid on the table” The over the last six seasons, they have been the most profitable in Cubs history. Griffin’s net worth has been estimated to be $26.5bn in Forbes magazine

we can exclusively report that the family of Ricketts, who have been long-time admirers of Chelsea and Mr Griffin have created an investment group which will submit a formal proposal for the last year’s Champions League winners on Friday the date was set to allow bids go submitted.

The deal, which will be announced publicly on Wednesday, is an impressive challenge to other bidders during the period when Roman Abramovich’s 19-year stint as Chelsea’s owner comes to an end.

Sources familiar with their imminent bid noted that the Ricketts history of accomplishments in their partnership with Chicago Cubs and the financial strength of their consortium could provide the ideal recipe for the success they seek in the bid for Stamford Bridge.

The past six years were the most productive in Cubs history, having won the World Series and completing a $1bn improvement to the home of the team, Wrigley Field, which is among the oldest sports venues in the US constructed in 1914.

A source within the consortium told me that it has been the most significant privately funded stadium renovation initiative to be completed in US history. “Wrigley Field was transformed from terminal disrepair to a national treasure,” the source claimed.

This narrative is likely to be used in the ongoing debate over what the future holds for Stamford Bridge, which Chelsea executives and fans generally agree will require extensive expansion for the club to remain competitive with European rivals with more capacity.


he involvement of Mr. Griffin adds immense financial power to the deal. He is the chief founder and officer of Citadel Asset Management and among the most successful executives to have ever worked on Wall Street.

Forbes magazine has recently put his net worth at $26.5bn that makes him the richest person to be linked publicly with the Chelsea auction thus far, and three times wealthier than Abramovich.

The source stated that the Ricketts-Griffin bid was “the most complete bid on the table – no one else has had the on-field success the Ricketts Family have had with the Cubs,

The statement issued by the Ricketts family confirmed the offer and stated: “As long-time operators of an legendary professional team the Ricketts Family and their associates are aware of the need to invest in the success of the team and in preserving the traditions of the team, its fans , and the entire community..

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